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Mossberg 464 hammer

Rebel gun works have promptly and efficiently supplied the Replacement part that I ordered.
I have searched the internet for days and only found it via Rebel. Thanks!!!!!!


Always great team to deal with @ Rebel, highly recommended

Voere 22 10shot mag.

Well made, tad pricey but hard to get! fast delivery.

Disappointing case trimmer

I find that the micro adjustment mechanism on the Lee Deluxe trim to be crude and flimsy. Its made of plastic and I got too much variation from case to case. I have since bought the Lee hand trimmer which relies on an accurately machined insert for my .303. I have attached this to a drill. All the cases are within .01mm and using the Hornady hand de-burring tool is not an issue.

Krico mag

magazine arrived in good order and condition as expected--not an easy magazine to find---well done Rebel. Excellent service as I have had previously from this company.

Great little product

Great little product and always good pricing and fast delivery.

Pro-Shot Pistol 12" Premium Micro-Polished Stainless Steel Cleaning Rod

The rod is of very good quality well made and just what i was looking for.
The service from Rebel Gun Works was great and had the item with in a couple of days out west.

Timney trigger for Savage Axis

Fitting instructions are very clear & easy to follow. The Timney trigger doesnt look all that different to the standard trigger, so wasnt sure if it was worth the money. Adjusting the Timney trigger to a lovely light crisp break has got me excited to use this rifle. Without shooting live rounds, this was definitely worth the money.


fast delivery, couldnt get these anywhere else.
Thank u

Perfect fit

This product is great
Fits my 336 perfect
Great service as always
I love shopping here
That guy in the the red shirt was realy helpfull and full of knowlage

Good quality dies. Looking forward to doing some reloads.

Very happy

Excellent condition as discribed

Great product and awesome service quick delivery

It is a fine little bag & very helpfull when shooting my Anschutz 64 as the have a wide profile benchrest stock, so allows the gun to settle better and remain level - standard bag is AOK as well but more suitable to curved hunting type forends

Yabba dabba doo

Good Service as usual from John Miller at Rebel.

Using for 7.62 X 39 Russian. Converted .303.
Grabbed what was available, getting harder to find.

No 5 303 small arms identification series

Excellent resource.
Super easy to order thanks to the Rebel Gun Works on line ordering system.

Lee Precision - Good Value!

Lee Dies are simple well-designed well-made dies. Especially good is the long expander on the depriming rod. Great for converting 6.5x284 Norma cases to 284 Winchester cases.

275 Rigby

Great product and as always excellent service from Rebel.


Expensive and waste of money. I feel ripped off

Did not fit my rifle as intended. While it clamped down tightly I found it impossible to fit perfectly straight. In the end my scope is not centred on the barrel as one would think necessary for this item to achieve. Also the spring washer mentioned in the very poorly written instructions was missing. Also is there any reason why the rail is constructed so tall? There is so much clear space between the underside of the rail and receiver that didn’t need to be there. Pretty my have to rest my chin on the stock to get my eye in position. I have the mention the instructions again, really really bad. If there was some small images to go with the words I may have realised the ‘trick’ to fit it properly to my riffle.
This item has now joined the collection of crap of things bought on the internet but totally useless. Waste of my money. Item failed on multiple levels.

Decent quality pellets

Heavy weight pellets with fairly consistent weight and tolerances. Typical of the H&N quality.
Groupings are pretty reasonable running through my outfit. Recommended for PCP only - they shoot poorly in my springers - not enough power to achieve consistent velocities

Good book plenty of info and data of basics and a bit of history.



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