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Norma Reloading Manual Vol. 2
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Norma Reloading Manual Vol. 2


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This second edition of Norma's reloading manual is available in an English version and is an update of our first manual that was published in 2004.

With this book we wish to share our knowledge and experience from over 110 years of manufacturing Norma-cartridges and components. In the book you will find a historic presentation of all the calibers as well as facts and information about our components, ballistics and reloading. The book offers you data for somewhere around 2000 loads in over 80 calibers and is oriented towards both reloaders and hunters.

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Great Glossary

Norma's Rifle, "Reloading Manual Vol.2", though not quite as good as Sierra's, which I think is the best around. But Norma's is, as far as Reloading and Technical information, on a par with Speer and Hornady.
The Glossary at the rear is the best I've seen, and for someone new, and even an expert in reloading, cannot help but gain to have their knowledge of firearms reloading terminology increased. The coloured cartridge diagrams and technical specifications are superb throughput the book.
While any reloaders library would not be lacking in it being on the shelf, there is one major drawback to this edition of Norma's Reloading Manual Volumn 2, or for that matter any of their past Reloading Manuals;
Try as I may I could not find online, any Firearms store including this store, RGW, that stocks any of Norma's proprietary reloading powders, including Winchester who seems to be their agent.
And as Norma does not list any reloading powder other than their own, you can read, enjoy and gain from their excellent information, but cannot put it to use.
There is some hope though, ADI, Australia's own producer, has interchangeable parity loadings on their Website, so you can use ADI powder reloading information as a substitute, albeit with a 5% reduction as a safety precaution.
Overall the current Norma Reloading Manual is an excellent source of information, as well as a good read, but if you want to put it to use their Reloading information to roll your own, you'll have to pressure this store, RGW or your favourite local store, to somehow obtain Norma's Proprietary Powder lines, to be able to use the information in their book.

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