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RWS Unprimed Brass Cases 5.6x57 (20pk)
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RWS Unprimed Brass Cases 5.6x57 (20pk)


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The demanding production procedure ensures the recognised high quality standard of RWS cartridge cases is maintained. Brass strip for case production is supplied in reels and only accepted after detailed metallurgical analysis in our laboratory. Brass cups are formed from the strip using stamping pressures of 150 tons and then these are drawn through several processes to form the finished case. The developing cases are repeatedly annealed, pickled and washed and this improves the grain structure of the material which helps the cases withstand the gas pressure with an optimum obturation. It also becomes an ‚intelligent‘ material that expands in response to the increased pressure and then returns to its original condition. 

The pickling and washing creates the brilliant appearance of RWS cases. The two press operations that form the cartridge base and the primer pocket make the case very hard in this region. The high hardness level ensures that the primer is seated securely and prevents stretching of the primer pocket at high gas pressures. When the shoulder and neck have been formed, the flash hole is created, the rim is turned, and the case is trimmed to length once more. Then the case mouth is annealed for a last time. Every one of these production steps is followed by a manual size check with various gauges, to ensure the highest level of dimensional accuracy for the cases. The subsequent 100% visual check is mainly an optical matter – at this stage, any cases that are out of tolerance have long been weeded out.  

To check their quality, the finished cases are then subjected to an extreme overload: The sample loads are fired in specially prepared proof barrels that create 10 % excess pressure, with head spaces of 0.2 to 0.4 mm, which would normally not be acceptable. Such head spaces are intended to simulate shot-out guns that may well appear in the real-world market. In addition, they are test fired with 30 % excess pressure in proof barrels that have been manufactured to CIP specifications. 

This testing program goes way beyond the legal regulation requirements. Even other manufacturers confirm that we have a no-compromise test methodology that will reliably reveal any potential weaknesses in the cartridge case. After all, rifle cartridge cases must withstand extremely high gas pressures – up to 7,000 bar – and are a kind of life insurance for the shooter. We have developed the most demanding test in the business – so that you are always on the safe side. A cartridge case that passes through our quality control is something special – it’s from RWS.  

 "RWS cases mean safety and quality. That may sound like a cliché, but we really work hard at it. It starts in our materials testing laboratory, which conducts a meticulous examination of all the raw materials, and ends with a 100 % visual check by specially trained personnel. The most precise dimensioning and the cleaning of the cases after every production step are a matter of course for us. So we achieve precise dimensions and a brilliant appearance. For me, both of these are very significant factors, and I reckon that this effort is unique in the business."

Peter Eismann (Hunter and Case Production Foreman at RWS)  

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