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Ballistol Cleaner, Lubricant & Protectant Synthetic Oil (500ml)
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Ballistol Cleaner, Lubricant & Protectant Synthetic Oil (500ml)


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Ballistol is an extremely effective and versatile product, used to lubricate mechanical parts. It also acts as a corrosion inhibitor. General uses include motor vehicles, boats, bikes etc. Ballistol can also be used to treat plastic and leather dash boards.

Ballistol is a versatile product for use inside and outside a vehicle. There are no equivalents in the marketplace that offers the same level of lubrication, cleaning and protection properties as Ballistol. Ballistol can be used to treat the plastic and leather dashboards; it contains uv protectants, which helps prevent intense sunlight from damaging your dashboard. Ballistol is an effective corrosion inhibitor. use it on your battery posts and cable contacts to prevent corrosion cause by battery acid. Use Ballistol on all metallic parts to prevent corrosion. use Ballistol to lubricate cables, linkages. people and organisations that have used Ballistol and respect the environment and personal health have never gone back to inferior products.

Most lubricants do not mix with water. They separate from water and thus lose their capability to lubricate in the presence of water. This is not the case with Ballistol. It emulsifies with water and, therefore, is capable of lubricating in the presence of water. Ballistol can also be applied to things that are already wet, even soaked, including plastics, wood and leather.

Ballistol is ideal for use on boats as a corrosion inhibitor. Use around the house, garden & car on anything that squeaks, binds or needs protection against corrosion.

Ballistol is biodegradable. Neither its use or disposal will pollute our precious water, it’s natural decomposition will not produce any by products that may be harmful to the environment and the aerosol does not contain any cFc’s - butane and propane are used as the propellants.

Features & Benefits:

  • Acts as a superlative lubricant
  • Inhibits corrosion 
  • Neutralises acidic residues 
  • Waterproof leather and prevent mildew 
  • Preserve wood in extreme damp or dry 
  • Cleans all metals 
  • Disinfects 
  • Biodegradable 
  • Non toxic 
  • Miscible in water 
  • Electrically insulating 
  • Ultra violet filtering 
  • And it never gums up

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